Thursday, May 3, 2007

SAPScript Important Programs

Here are some useful programs for SAPSCRIPT development/search ...

RSTXFCAT - Program to find out SAP Scirpt names (Search Program)

RSTXCDM1 - SAPscript: Sample Program for Form Printing

RSTXCNVR - Converting SAPscript standard text to RAW format (ASCII)

RSTXCPDF - Routines for Converting OTF Format to PDF Format

RSTXDBUG - Activate/Deactivate Form Debugger

RSTXFCAT - Find Forms
RSTXFCPY - Copy Forms Between Clients

RSTXFCOM - Comparison of Two Forms

RSTXFCON - SAPscript: Conversion of Page Format for Forms

RSTXFINF - Comprehensive Information about a Specific Form

RSTXHTML - Conversion of SAPscript Texts (ITF) to HTML

RSTXICON - List of SAP icons and their names and SAP numbers
RSTXSYMB - List of SAP symbols and their names as well as SAP number

RSTXR3TR - Transport Program For SAPscript Transport Objects

RSTXSCAT - Find Styles

RSTXSF01 - TrueType font installation for SAPscript/SmartForms

RSTXTCAT - Find Standard Texts

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