Thursday, May 3, 2007

SAPscripts How to calculate Totals and Subtotals

I have some doubs in BDC and SMART FORMS. I want to change the material number using the transaction code MM02 through BDC.

In scripts and smartforms how to calculate totals and subtotals?

To calculate totals and sub totals in sap scripts you have to use subroutines.

Say if you have to add the unit price (KOMVD-KBERT) then in the main window whereever tat value is picked write this routine


Then write the variable where ever you want it to be printed (mostly it will be in footer window)

Then create subroutine pool program and you have to write the code.

FORM F_GET_PRICE tables int_cond structure itcsy
outt_cond structure itcsy. data : value type kbert.

statics value1 type kbert.
Read int_cond table index 1.
value = int_cond-value.

value1 = value1 + value.

Read outt_cond table index 1.
outt_cond-value = value1.
Modify outt_cond index 1.


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