Thursday, May 3, 2007

SapScript Question

1) How do you backup script layout sets?

2) What type of variables normally used in script to o/p data?

3) How do you use tabsets in layouts?

1) Use this Std program RSTXSCRP.

i) First Export to Presentation file(.doc).

ii) Whenever you need that Export into SAP.

2) Normally we call them as Program symbols. Those are defined in Driver program. We can use in Script as for exp. &itab-matnr& Other variables ---System symbols : ex &page& ---Std symbols : ---Text symbols :We define them in script editor itself. Ex : /: Define &mysymbol& = 'XX'

3) We can control the tab feed in a paragraph with tab positions. The tab stops us define in the paragraph format replace the tab spacing we defined in the header data of the form. However, this depends on the extent to which we have defined tab stops in the paragraph format. If there are fewer tabs in the paragraph formats than in the header data, the tab stops of the header data are used for the rest of the line.

Q: We get the total number of pages as expected by using 'SAPSCRIPT-FORMPAGES' in a duplex layout. In our case duplex case is always 'Terms & Conditions'. We do not want the number of pages as in duplex printing. What is the best possible solution?

A: On the Terms & Conditions page, Change the Page counter mode to 'HOLD' to keep the page counter from incrementing when you print the Term & Conditions.

Q: Can I Print a logo on an Invoice?

A: Save a Logo using Paintshop Pro or Corel Draw as Tiff file. Use RSTXLDMC to convert the logo to standard text in SapScript. When the program is executed, the path and file name have to be correctly specified.
Process could be like the following: Run RSTXLDMC Enter file name C:\MAIL\COMPLOGO.TIF Resolution for Tiff file Absolute X-position Absolute Y-position Absolute positioning Reserved height Shift to right UOM = CM Text title Line width for text = 132 Text name ZHEX-MACRO-COMPLOGO Text ID ST Text language = E Postscript scaling Width & Height according to PS scaling Number of Tiff gray levels (2,4,9) 2 Then Create a new window 'COMP' with attributes; Window COMP description Company Logo Window type CONST Left margin 7.00 CH window width 10.00 CH Upper margin LN window height 8.00 LN
Finally in the text element , mention /: INCLUDE 'ZHEX-MACRO-COMPLOGO' OBJECT TEXT ID ST LANGUAGE 'E'.
Please note that if object name is not indicated as 'ZHEX...', the logo may not be printed!
You will not be able to see the logo in a test print. The same will be printed in actual printout.
If you are using two logos in the same layout, the names of the logos should be unique. Say 'ZHEX-MACRO-LOGO1' and 'ZHEX-MACRO-LOGO2'. Else all the information will be overwritten.
If the logo is not EXACTLY TIFF 6.0, the same will not be printed.
See OSS notes 5995, 18045, 39031 for some inputs.

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